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photo of Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis

An igloo in northern Alaska with the beautiful aurora borealis ( Northern Lights ) in the background.
photo of Lake Audy Sunset Riding Mountain National Park Manitoba
Lake Audy Sunset Riding Mountain National Park Manitoba

A vivid sunset reflects off the surface of Lake Audy in Riding Mountain National Park situated in the province of Manitoba, Canada.
photo of Waterfall Pictures
Waterfall Pictures

Vancouver Island in British Columbia is a great vacation spot and even better for taking waterfall pictures during your vacations
photo of Aerial Iceberg Underwater Picture Atlantic Ocean
Aerial Iceberg Underwater Picture Atlantic Ocean

The massive area of ice underwater, as seen in this aerial picture, acts like a sail as the iceberg is carried south on the cold Labrador currents and along the coast of Newfoundland on the Atlantic Ocean.
photo of Husky Dog
Husky Dog

Photo of a cute Husky Dog posing for a portrait shoot during a dog sleding excursion in Alaska, USA.
photo of Cute Baby Animals
Cute Baby Animals

One look at these cute baby animals is enough to want to put an end to the brutal harp seal hunt in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Canada.
photo of Cape Palliser Coast New Zealand
Cape Palliser Coast New Zealand

Cape Palliser is a vision of beauty along the Southern Wairarapa coast on the North Island of New Zealand.
photo of Sunset Gillespies Beach South Island
Sunset Gillespies Beach South Island

Yellow hues fill the sky at sunset as the sun settles in after another beautiful day on Gillespies Beach on the South Island of New Zealand.
photo of Cute Puppies
Cute Puppies

One of the cute puppies (harp seal) on the arctic ice floes of the Gulf of St Lawrence in Canada.
photo of Beautiful Lake Pukaki Southern Alps Scenery New Zealand
Beautiful Lake Pukaki Southern Alps Scenery New Zealand

Stretching out from near the base of New Zealand's highest peak, Mt Cook, and the scenic Southern Alps, the azure glacier fed waters of beautiful Lake Pukaki look more like a mirage, fringed by tussock grasslands, and forest scenery.
photo of Autumn Pictures
Autumn Pictures

Autumn on Cape Breton Highland National Park in Nova Scotia, an great vacation destination
photo of Canoe Pictures
Canoe Pictures

Canoe Pictures taken at Misty Lake on Vancouver Island
photo of Cute Babys
Cute Babys

A herd of cute harp seal babys were no more than three to four days old when I visited the ice floes on the Gulf of St Lawrence.
photo of Beach Sunset
Beach Sunset

Stock Photo of a beach sunset in Newfoundland
photo of Stars In The Sky
Stars In The Sky

Photo of Stars in the Sky with Northern Lights in Alaska, also called aurora borealis
photo of Waterfall Picture
Waterfall Picture

Waterfall Picture taken in the Rainforest of vacation destination Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada
photo of Denali National Park
Denali National Park

Denali National Park with Wonder Lake in Autumn, a famous Alaska vacation destination
photo of Cute Puppys
Cute Puppys

The Harp Seal puppies on the ice floes of the Gulf of St Lawrence definitely fall into the category of cute animals.
photo of Wild Bears
Wild Bears

Photo of wild bears showing a Grizzly Bear in Knight Inlet, British Columbia
photo of Bridge Pictures
Bridge Pictures

Bridge Pictures showing an old wooden Bridge
photo of Iceberg Pictures
Iceberg Pictures

Colorful Iceberg picture off the Coast of Labrador, Canada
photo of Niagra Falls
Niagra Falls

Stock Photo of the Niagra Falls - Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada
photo of Leopard Pictures
Leopard Pictures

Leopard Pictures taken in Etosha National Park in Namibia, Africa
photo of Fall Pictures
Fall Pictures

Fall Pictures on Cabottrail in Nova Scotia in the Cape Breton Highland National Park
photo of Love Pictures
Love Pictures

Love Pictures of a romantic couple gazing out at the beautiful icebergs in Newfoundland, a great honeymoon vacation destination
photo of Killer Whales
Killer Whales

Killer Whales (orca whales) surfing in a boats wake at high speeds
photo of Thunder Storms
Thunder Storms

Thunder Storms over a yellow canola field with a oil pump, Alberta
photo of Inuit Indians
Inuit Indians

Traditional fur parka used by Inuit Indians.
photo of Cougar Pictures
Cougar Pictures

Cougar Pictures, Portrait of a Mountain Lion on Vancouver Island, British Columbia
photo of Maori Warrior
Maori Warrior

Stock Photo of a maori warrior in New Zealand
photo of Rainforest

Pure Nature in the ever green rainforest in the Olympic National Park in the Pacific Northwest in Washington State.
photo of Winter Trees
Winter Trees

The sun sets over these snow covered trees during the winter in Alaska, USA.
photo of Snowboarding Pictures Whistler
Snowboarding Pictures Whistler

Snowboarding Pictures taken in Whistler, a prime British Columbia skiing and snowboarding location.
photo of Stormy Waters
Stormy Waters

Stormy Waters at Cape Palliser on the North Island of New Zealand, an hidden holiday vacation location
photo of Skiing Pictures
Skiing Pictures

Male skier skiing down Whistler mountain in Whistler, British Columbia under beautiful clear blue sky.
photo of Cheetah

A cheetah showing teeth in Namibia.
photo of Orca Whales
Orca Whales

Orca Whales spyhopping, whale watching in Johnstone Strait
photo of Waterton Lakes National Park
Waterton Lakes National Park

Photo of Waterton Lakes National Park in Southern Alberta, a great outdoor vacation destination
photo of Desert Road Pictures
Desert Road Pictures

Highway 163, a desert road leads into Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
photo of Winter Pictures
Winter Pictures

Dog mushing in Alaska
photo of Pictures Of Northern Lights
Pictures Of Northern Lights

Green dancing Northern Lights over pure nature in northern Alaska, USA.
photo of Sailboat Pictures
Sailboat Pictures

Sailboat Pictures showing a Killer Whale and scenic Johnstone Strait
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